Latest store info!

We've closed the Yorktown Center location, effective Jan 31, 2021! 

Three years, 3,000 people served for Afternoon Tea.  Lots of good memories, and a very fun and gracious customer base.  However the financial effects of the pandemic make it hard to justify the location and space.  Perhaps a new location with an outdoor patio in a neighborhood downtown area could be a better place.  (If you know of a great location, do let us know!

So what's next for Windy City Tea?  After we unpack, we'll get the online store up again, so we know what the current inventory will be. We're taking a month off to regroup, rethink how we want to sell online and how to continue to share the culture of tea for all.  We are considering a subscription plan to help better plan out inventory.

We plan on a few new products, and a few pick-up locations for Windy City Tea.

Make sure we have your e-mail so we can keep you posted on when the site will be up again. 

Thanks to all who have supported us at Yorktown!  You've probably heard it before, but the Chinese character for crisis is the same for opportunity.  So we look for new opportunities in these challenging times.

See you again soon!